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   Cable Assemblies

 We provide a variety of USB solutions
 including connectors and cables. Our
 cable is fully compliant with the USB
 specification. We also provide
 comprehensive engineering support
 so we could also build cables in
 custom lengths and configurations.


  USB 3.0

 Shinmeng offers high-speed USB 3.0
 solutions including connectors and
 cables. Our engineering support can
 customized your cable according to
 your specification.


  LAN Cable

Lan Cat 6 features more strict
 specifications for crosstalk and
 system noise. Cat.6 cable standard
 provides performance of up to 250MHz
 and is suitable for 10BASE-T, 100BASE
 - TX, 1000BASE-T/1000BASE-TX and



 Shinmeng provides various HDMI cables
 give you the choices to meet all your
 application needs. HDMI is a standard
 that carries video and audio signals into
 a single digital interface for use with
 DVD players, digital television, gaming
 devices, set-top boxes, and other
 audiovisual devices.


 We provide DVI cable solutions for both
 computer and consumer applications.
 The Digital Visual Interface (DVI) Cable
 Assemblies are designed to meet the
 Digital Display Working Group, Digital
 Visual Interface DVI Specification.



 Shinmeng offers SATA cable assembly
 in straight-to-straight and straight-to
 -right angle versions with various
 plating options. The latch version
 provides positive locking that ensures
 secure mating between the plug and
 jack. This prevents disconnection
 in storage applications. The non-latch
 version uses a friction lock to secure
 the connection.



 We offer wide range of conn. , cable
 assemblies, and adapters designed to
 meet the DisplayPort specification.
 Our DisplayPort cables enable high
 definition media content on computers
 and audio visual components.


 Shinmeng offers a variety of flat / ribbon
 cable solutions, with diverse choices of
 centerline,  insulation or voltage rating
 could meet all your custom needs and


 The IEEE 1394 interface is one of the
 most popular specifications in the PC
 and related applications. Shinmeng has
 a full family of cables and connectors
 available to meet your interconnection
 requirements. Various cables available
 give you the choices to meet all your
 application needs.


 SCSI system cables are used to conn.
 hard disk drives, printers, and CD ROM
 drives directly to your PC. We feature
 the 50 Centronics connector most
 often used on the peripheral side in the
 SCSI-1 applications. Shinmeng could
 also build cables in custom lengths and
 configurations for all your needs.

  Wire Harness

 We offer various custom wire harness
 solutions including automotive harness,
 LVDS harnesses, LCD/LED harness,
 power/terminal harnesses, and many
 more for different industries.


 KVM (keyboard, video and mouse) is a
 hardware device that allows a user to
 control multiple computers from one or
 more keyboards, video monitors and
 mouses. Shinmeng is able to build
custom KVM cables according to all
your requests.


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