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   I/O Connector
  HDMI  Connectors

 Shinmeng HDMI connectors and cable
 assemblies deliver high-definition
 content. Various styles including
 standard, mini, micro (A/C/D) type.
 Thru-hole or SMT mount, with or
 without flanges. RoHS.

 Phone Jacks are one of the most
 popular conn.  in the world. Shinmeng
 offers 2.5mm, 3.5mm and 6.4mm
 phone jacks, including R/A SMT type
 and straight type.
  DisplayPort Connectors

Shinmeng provides various connectors
 cable assemblies, and adapters in
 accordance to the VESA DisplayPort
 interconnect specification. Our
 DisplayPort products enable user
 friendly high definition media content
 on computers and audio visual


  D-Sub Connectors

 Shinmeng offers full range cable (solder,
 crimp, or IDC type) and PCB mounted
 (right-angle, straight) D-Sub conn.Two
 pitches: standard or high density. Dual
 Port (stacked) series also available.
  Hoods & Accessories

 More than 100 metal hoods, plastic
 hoods, and accessories (including:
 screws, clips and latches) available
 allow users to choose the right
 products for all their applications.

  DC Jack/Plug

 Shinmeng provides wide range of
 cylindrical DC Jacks and DC Plugs
 for various applications.
  LFH Connectors

 LFH is used for high-pin count signal
 applications where there is a need for
 reliability and performance. The low
 insertion forces of LFH make it ideal for
 situations where multiple single lines
 need to be terminated or packaged in a
 limited space.
  Micro-D Connectors

 Micro-D High-Density Conn. provide
 4 times the density of standard D-sub
 connectors. With rugged housings,
 reliable field performance and automatic
 polarization features ensure an ideal
 solution for demanding applications.

  VHDCI Connectors

 VHDCI is a 68-pin connector allows
 placement of four wide SCSI connectors
 on the back of a single PCI card slot.
 Shinmeng offers female PCB R/A type
 and male IDC type for cable assembly.


  IEEE 1394  Connectors

 1394 (Firewire or iLink), is unique in its
 ability to carry video and audio with
 assured quality, based on its high
 bandwidth capabilities. Shinmeng offers
 1394 Conn. from 4P to 6P, and different
 styles for various applications.
  HDMI 2.1 Connector

The wire-soldering and straddle-
mount type HDMI 2.1 plug can be
applied for different applications.
The single-row SMT receptacle can
save space on PCBs and comply with
next-gen HDMI 2.1 transmission specifications.

  USB 3.0 A Type Connector

USB 3.0 A type socket is to replace the DC jack for the power supply of Notebook, and also for the adapter supplying the power to USB device. The wattage can reach 100W with DC 19V with power management chip.
  DP 1.4 Connector

DP 1.4 Receptacle with one row SMT type
                                   USB Type-C Connector


To satisfy customer requests and the demands of the market, developed a high current plug adapter to address quick charge and high-current defects that are inherent in currently available USB Type-C plug adapters. SMI is the first company to develop a 9 amps, 180 watts plug adapter with a data transfer speed of over 20 Gbps, which allows for more operational efficiency, saving time and money.



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