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   RJ Plug/Jack
  Modular Plug

 Shinmeng offers various unshielded or
 shielded (or half-shielded) RJ plugs
 from 4P4C, 6P6C, 8P8C to 10P10C.
 Various contact types and plating
 options suitable for every application.
  C5e Modular Plug

 Shinmeng CAT-5e Plugs offer Gigabit
 Ethernet speed for data, voice, and
 high-speed networking applications.
 8P8C CAT-5e Modular Plugs with
 various contact types and plating
 options. Free end latch version

  C6 Modular Plug

For greater bandwidth requirements,
 Shinmeng offers 8P8C CAT-6 Modular
 Plug Series with various contact types
 and plating options. Shielded versions


  PCB Jack

 Shinmeng offers a wide range of right
 -angle PCB Modular Jack versions in
 both SMT or through-hole versions. A
 shielded version is available on most
 of our jacks to prevent EMI.
  Multi-Port PCB Jack

 Our Multi-Port Modular Jacks are for
 applications requiring printed circuit
 board mounted, shielded & unshielded,
 stacked modular jacks. With industry
 standard PCB footprints, the 8-position
 right angle jacks can be used for various
 networking devices.

  Coupler Jack

 Shinmeng offers shielded and unshielded
 Coupler Jacks from 6P4C, 6P6C, 8P8C
 to 10P10C. Various housing colors and
 plating configurations can meet diverse
 design needs.
  Stacket PCB Jack

 Stacked PCB Jacks with space-saving
 feature allows more ports to be packed
 into less space. Available in both
 unshielded and shielded versions.
 Shielded modular jacks are available
 with and without panel grounds.
  Embedded PCB Jack

 Embedded PCB Jack Series, including
 SMT and through-hole, shielded and
 unshielded, with various contact plating
 options. Available integrated LEDs
 eliminate the need for additional system
 space for indicators.

  Transformer PCB Jack

 PCB Jacks with Integrated Magnetics
 (transformer) filter common-mode
 noise to provide improved signal
 integrity. They're capable of meeting
 the high performance needs of today's
 telecommunications and networking


  Modular Jack

 Our extensive product portfolio offers
 total solutions for voice, data, and high
 - speed networking applications. Various
 jacks available including right-angle, top
 entry, bottom entry, through-hole and
 SMT, shielded and unshielded.

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