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   RF/Microwave Coaxial Connectors
  BNC series

 BNC Connectors are used with radio,
 television, and other radio-frequency
 electronic equipment, test instruments,
 and video signals.


  F series

 F Connectors are a low-cost coaxial/
 RF connector widely used for cable
 television, satellite television, and cable
 modems. We offers a various selection
 of F Conn. for diverse applications.

  MCX series

 MCX (micro coaxial) Connectors are
 coaxial/RF connectors with the same
 inner contact and insulator dimensions
 as the SMB connector, but are 30%

 MMCX series

 MMCX (micro-miniature coaxial) Conn.
 are coaxial/RF conn. similar to MCX, but
 smaller. MMCX are widely used on Wi-Fi
 and PCMCIA cards as antenna conn. for
 GPS applications.

  N series

 N Connectors are a threaded,
 weatherproof, medium-size RF
 connector used to join coaxial


  SMA series

 SMA (Sub-Miniature version A) Conn.
 are semi-precision coaxial/RF conne.
 for coaxial cables with a screw type
 coupling design.

  Adapter series

 Shinmeng offer a various RF Series
 Adapters including MCX female to
 SMA male, N male to N male , N male
 to BNC female, SMA female to N male
 SMA male to BNC female, and many

  Coaxial Cable

 Shinmeng provides comprehensive RF
 solutions to support the increasing
 demand for Wi-Fi and related
 applications. Included are both single
 -port and multi-port versions, with
 various configuration options, including
 PCB and panel mount receptacles, and
 cable plugs terminated to different style

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