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   USB 3.1 Type-C Series
USB Type-C Key Aspects

   *. Entirely new design
   *. Tailored for emerging product designs
   *. New smaller size
   *. Similar to size of USB 2.0 Micro-B
   *. Usability enhancements
   *. Reversible plug orientation & cable direction
   *. Supports scalable power charging
   *. Future Scalability
   *. Designed to establish future USB performance needs


USB Type-C-Additional Characteristics 

Mechanica specs (preliminary) :
   *. Receptacle opening : ~8.3mm x ~2.5mm
   *. Durability : 10,000 cycles
   *. Improved EMI and RFI mitigation features
   *. Power delivery capacity : 3A for standard cables
                                                5A for connectors

Functional capabilities :
   *. USB 2.0 : LS/FS/HS
   *. USB 3.1 : Gen 1 (5Gbps)/Gen 2 (10Gbps)
   *. Enhanced power delivery options
       -Extended 5V current ranges plug USB PD
   *. Docking support
       - USB PD-based interface configuration option


USB 3.1 : SuperSpeed USB @ 10Gbps

 *. Support attach of much higher performance
       - AV Display beyone 1080p and multi-displays
       - SSD, RAID HDD or Hybrid HDD
   *. Blazing fast data sync
   *. Enable multi-function, single port connections
       - SuperSpeed Hubs with fatter system pipe
          supporting multiple SuperSpeed downstream
       - Display Dock enabling mix of SuperSpeed-based
         AV, webcam, storage. etc. over a single

USB Type C to Type C Cable (SuperSpeed+)

USB Type C to Micro BM Cable

USB Type C to Mini BM Cable

USB Type C to Type AF Cable

USB Type C to Type AM Cable (SuperSpeed)

USB Type C to Type BM Cable (SuperSpeed)

USB Type C to USB Type AM Cable (High-Speed)

USB Type C to USB Type BM Cable (High-Speed)


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